Monthly Archives: November 2013

Pro Tools update causes headaches

The latest Pro Tools update has caused two separate problems:

  1. I’ve had some customers with AIF files created with Pro Tools that have empty ANNO chunks.  Unfortunately, the Finder on the Mac ignores the ID3 chunk if there’s an ANNO chunk, so the metadata doesn’t show up unless the ANNO chunk is removed.
  2. Not sure why but some AIF files that previously worked fine with Pro Tools are now causing it to complain.  I had a customer’s customer complain that the AIF surely had a virus in it.  Needless to say it didn’t, but I did have to go through the entire catalog and strip out all extra chunks from the AIF files, leaving only COMM, SSND, and ID3.  I’ll post the ruby code for that later if there’s interest.  I don’t know which chunk was causing problems.